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Such as Edgar Allen Poe or any other very strange poet.
Growing your hair out "long and full" and giving it a slight wave is a good idea.
10, lestat's attitude is usually moody.Lovecraft, anything by Edgar Allen d of course the Vampire Chronicles.Live within your means but get nice things when you can.Art, music and the theatre are good, but always seem mysterious and or unique.Listen to all different kinds of music.Warnings, use your makeup with caution, nothing too light or dark, it will look unnatural and unattractive Do not, and I repeat do NOT, tell anyone you actually ARE the vampire Lestat.9, find an eclectic group of people to hang out with: very independent, intellectual people are great.Applying some light powder (either bronzed or translucent, depending on the look you're going for) and eyeliner isn't a bad idea at all.Don't be live sex galleri afraid to strike up conversations with, well, just about anyone!Vampire fangs really aren't that swell of an option, they tend to make you look and sound silly unless you are just playing dress-up Elegant, antiquated clothing (frock coats, etc) can get quite expensive.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Imvu rum är lagda så att människor kan mötas och interagera precis som den riktiga världen.Get your true feelings out in the open and experience them fully.Do your best to be around when people need you, and to show your loved ones that they are appreciated.(Remember Lestat loves his music so try to take time in that.) 4, be dramatic!He has some-what of a short temper so be kind of short with people.This goes with having taste.Vill du träffa nya människor eller ta reda på vad dina kompisar håller på med?
Coleridge, Christina Rosetti, Shelley,.
Pay attention to your family and friends, and shower them with gifts.
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