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G, build Quickly, use code generation and scaffolding features to rapidly build prototypes.
Hear what others have to say.After seeing the power and functionality of the framework in use, it wasnt a difficult choice to make.Dwayne Sander, alerrt, sharing the cake.If you're interested in contributing to CakePHP and supporting the community then we'd love for you to join us, there are a variety of ways to get involved and help out.K, clean MVC Conventions, instead of having to plan where things go, CakePHP comes with a set of conventions to guide you in developing your application.It allows modular development that makes sense, and it's architecturally solid and performant.Get involved and support the community.Brad Lambden iWorkZone, from the simplest micro kiosk app to my highly complex gallery management app, CakePHP is the framework of choice.Friendly License, cakePHP is licensed under the MIT license which makes it perfect for use.Julian Sander, gallery Assistant.J, batteries Included, the things you need are built-in.A word from our sponsors.
Having inherited this CakePHP project, I didnt chose CakePHP so much as choose to continue using.
We needed a platform that could handle our high volume of users without indiska sex berättelser chatt issues and CakePHP has certainly delivered.