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Who was also a centaur.
The surgical/sorcerous procedure which could accomplish the deed was a significant plot point.Pony POV Series : In Dark World, Rarity and Spike are an Official Couple, with Spike now being a full-grown dragon and far larger than she.He later asks how such a relationship would even be possible.Taken Up to Eleven with the pairing of Zangoose and Seviper note who are sworn nemeses to each other down to their DNA, but are both in the "Field" Egg Group, and the pairing of Mareanie and Corsola note The former jen gömda knulla vit flicka and its evolution being.We brought nothing of this world's goods into the world, but have them from others; and it is certain we can carry nothing out, but must leave them to others."Purugly" is "purr" and, well, "ugly." This evolution is a fat and much less good looking critter.Humans mating with either always produced half-orcs or half-ogres (who were themselves fertile with each other and all three species but orc/ogre pairings had it differently: A female orc mating with a male ogre would produce an "orog basically a large orc that's smarter than.One asari mentions a past relationship with an Elcor, an alien race that can be described as an intelligent flat-faced hippopotamus.For instance, the most common ancestry of stone lions is the encounter between a lion and a rock.Some early European descriptions of African wildlife told of a beast that looked sort of like a camel with a leopard's spots, hence its name of cameleopard.Reni would much rather not contemplate the mechanics 24-timmars sex chatt of their union.While there are no examples of offspring being produced by a Khajiit pairing with a race of Man or Mer, there are several examples of those races at least having sex with a Khajiit.Spy Pyro Spyro ).The Legend of Korra : In keeping with the fandom's propensity for shipping anything that moves, there is a small amount of fan-produced media slashing Naga and Pabu, or human versions thereof.In Reamker (a Cambodian poem based on Ramayana Hanuman, a vanara woos Sovanna Maccha, a mermaid.
They had sex and her mother got pregnant, and was very surprised to deliver a Keidran-looking child.