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Rollspel chatta bukkit

Enjoy your building in peace now ; Installation, gratis anonym sex chatt rum drag the Chatty.
It'll create a folder called "Chatty" that contains the "config.Pass, for staff or important players, they can force people's chat to unsilence obal, silence the global chat!Chatty will automatically unsilence their chat!Ignore, you can chat when the server is globally silenced!Jar into your plugins folder and restart your server.access to all the Chatty stuff lence, you can silence your chat!silence silence the global chat /clearchat, clear the chat history!A necessity for large servers and servers with streamers!Config, click Here for Config Info, commands /silence.Chatty, by JHG0, about, silence chat, join/leave messages, messages, and death messages!What if staff needs to contact a player who's chat is silenced?From 3-6 for player "silence sil, sile, silen, silenc.
Chat recognition: - Chatty by default will recognize the first 3 letters of a players name.