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The couple, who have been together for two years, said winning the competition was "a dream".
"We came across a Skyn Instagram post about their Intimacy competition and our compatibility match got us through to shemale cam klipp the next round the couple said.
And from the sounds of their diary entry above, it sounds like they had quite a great time during their stay at the Atlantic hotel in Byron Bay.
Intimacy Guide uses real life intimate experiences to inform readers about the best places to go to 'get it on'.Breakfast in bed game förenta sex cam strong.This is an excerpt from a new hotel guide - with a twist.Jess and Justin say they were thrilled to be selected to write about their steamy stays."He placed my hands on the panes of glass, and as I watched the view he kissed across my shoulders, and then the rest of me The hotel gave us the kind of transportive stay where we came together and reconnected - where the hardest.The couple wrote about their experiences for Skyns Intimacy Guide.Keen to read more?"Some hotel sheets could have doubled as a full body exfoliation."."THE swing chair hanging from the roof was a perfect height, and an invitation for.Here's part of their diary entry for the Ovo hotel: "This window faced west, and the sun poured.Our bath was outdoors telefonen line chat-rum so having a couple pervy wallabies around while we showered was a new experience.".And what's their final tip for those seeking to get steamy this weekend?The couple, who have been together for six years, jumped at the chance to become ambassadors for condom brand Skyn, heading off to hotels at various locations around the country and reporting back on their experiences.It was really the perfect start to the trip and from memory we didn't waste much time getting into.Justin and Jessica road-tested hotels.
No, this isn't a scene from the latest 50 Shades movie.