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So all weve got to look at is: are we going to make that line where we resist?
I finished college; I got my bachelors degree in psychology, and I got a PhD in UFOs!
What are we doing leaving our houses when the camgirl videos porr people throwing us out are the knulla röv gömda people that caused the situation that means we cant pay the mortgage so thats why were being thrown out?!
Whats really at stake here?This is what we have the ability to ratchet.But what I feel, Bill, is were now seeing the Truth Vibrations more and more impact upon themselves, on this reality.So, we dont see the world as it really.These are real people in the streets.So, by this point I had a public presence.Do not pay attention to it - just let it flow through you, and write it all down." Well, I was up so late, and he was telling me all this great information and I am falling a sleep while trying to write.I was working on that presentation for, well, months, really, because it was really a new period in my life and I'm going around the world with it this year: Europe and America and stuff.Of course, it affected the angle and spin of the Earth the whole bloody thing.I mean its not the kind of, CIA-orchestrated stuff.And these are recorded in accounts, ancient gratis live cam sex accounts and legends, all over the world.DI: Thony Barber, yes.And then, we moved up in the matrilinear era, to learning about birth and creativity.So, its another way of apprehending knowledge.I didn't even have time to think about.The rabbit hole goes so deep.So, coming around to this new information, it was the same sequence.
Don Juan Matus talked about the predators.
This is the legends of Zulu South Africa.

Because, time and space for me, anyway are not real, well we know that, they are a construct.
And those two women died at the same time, interestingly enough, within a week of each other.
May well be plotting all kinds of things to secure the iron fist on their control of the world.