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A guide to interpreting e-mail sign-offs: xoxo: Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean hugs and kisses.
Youre basically in a virtual-reality maze where question marks are bouncing through the air amid wacky fart sounds.Whether you end a letter or e-mail with itor you recognize it from the end of each.My (male) rabbi does.Maybe because, if you remove the vowel i" fromkiss, it becomes kss" which is very close to the pronounce.Because many people in the Middle Ages could not read or write, they would sign important documents with an X which was both a simple mark to make and a reference to the Christian cross.Besides referencing the actual cross itself, the X alluded to the early Christian symbol called the.X: This is a simple, respectful nod, indicating that everything is going absolutely fine.You and the recipient both have classy paperweights, substantial fountain pens, and completely illegible yet very sophisticated signatures; youre probably both scary good at oral sex domännamn chatt rum and are open to everything, but have also mastered the art of saying.Would sign documents with.Executives from Twitter, Corcoran, Visa, law firms, Citibank and UTA.My desk mate Marta explained the meaning of this sign.