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For any movement to return to her face, the riktig gammal plocka upp sex tube two ends of the nerve would have to be re-attached, but the missing section made it impossible to do this along the original route.
"So contemplating surgery in this very sensitive area can have risks.
From the helipad, Malala was brought in by ambulance and placed in the care of neurosurgeon Col Junaid Khan.It's a mountainous place, cool in summer and snowy in winter, within easy reach of the capital, Islamabad.But my latest trip felt very different - the BBC crew made the journey with a military escort.Like other parts of north-west Pakistan, Swat had always been a devout and conservative region, but what was happening by 2007 was very different - radio broadcasts threatening Sharia-style punishments for those who departed from local Muslim traditions, and most ominously, edicts against education."It's their right to express their feelings, and it's my right to say what I want she says.I was quite happy initially, but now I know but this will not solve our problem.So I assumed she wanted to know where she was and I told her she was in England."The first word that she tapped out was 'country'.By the time Malala was born, her father had realised his dream of founding his own school, which began with just a few pupils and mushroomed into an establishment educating more than hot cam tjej porr vidoes 1,000 girls and boys.In Malala's case, it was only a short journey, past a small clearing where children played cricket, and along the canal bank to her house.Malala showed it to me, It is a poignant reminder of her search for answers in that period, especially the page where she simply asks, "Who did this to me?" For Reynolds, the fact that Malala was able to articulate her questions was a huge."I heard the firing, then I saw lots of blood on Malala's head says Kainat.She was one of those people.
More than a century after women began winning the right to vote, we want to find out what life is like for women today - and what might happen next.
"I asked Moniba, 'Why is there no-one here?