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Chat type: P2P, cloud /showmembers Displays a list of all participants and the role of each of them.
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To create a P2P-chat, perform omegle typ av chat-rum the function /createmoderatedchat, with the result that an Empty Group will be created, where youll be able to invite new members and use the old commands.In his turn, each user, using the command /get role, can find out, what is his role.Chat gratis chatt program för den inre kontoret type: P2P, cloud /get uri Creates a unique URL that allows inviting new users to join the Skype chat.Chat type: P2P, cloud /newchat Creates a new group chat.Skype chat command is a special text message that begins with a slash and when you submit it in the Skype chat window, it performs a specific function or command.Important Notice The website aip.Examples: /wikimarkup on /wikimarkup off Chat type: P2P, cloud Skype chat settings You can enable or disable chat options, using the command /set options.Chat type: P2P /get masters Displays a list of masters.In principle, the execution of commands is the same as sending messages or emoticons simply enter the command in the chat window and press Enter.There is a limit either on the number of displayed messages (maximum 400) or on the duration of the period during which the displayed messages were published (two weeks depending on what kind of limitation will be reached sooner.Chat type: P2P /setpicture Remove the avatar of the group chat.Chat type: P2P, cloud /get banlist Displays banned users, deprived of access to the chat.Chat type: cloud /dbghelp, displays the commands available for debugging Skype.Chat type: P2P, cloud /get password_hint Shows password prompt when logging into the chat, which have been installed with the command /set password_hint.Chat type: P2P, cloud /set allowlist username(s) If you add a in front of username, this command indicates which users have the right to join the chat.
Chat type: P2P helper Helper A user with only a few additional privileges, who has no right to change the roles of other users.
Chat gratis telefon chat-linjer kanada type: P2P joining_enabled New users can join the chat.

After the command name.
Chat type: P2P, cloud /kickban username Eliminates the specified user from the chat and deprives him of the right to return back.